Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic

Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic
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Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic

A high-quality, fragrant rice, the kernel is big, long, and white; Jasmine rice is grown in the Mekong Delta; rice is flexible and has a light aroma; rice is still flexible when cooled;

Jasmine rice comes from the Philippines and was hybridized and trial planted in the US.

Jasmine rice was brought to Vietnam in 1992 and is widely cultivated in the Cuu Long Delta.

Vietnamese fragrant jasmine rice is a high-quality fragrant rice; the kernel is big, long, and white. Jasmine rice is grown in the Mekong Delta. Rice is flexible, has a light aroma, and is still flexible when cooled. It is preferred in countries like the USA, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, and Ghana.

Each seed is 6.6mm long and is planted in 2 seasons: summer-autumn and winter-spring for a high and stable yield.


* The specifications below are for reference only; rice specifications are subject to change according to the season.


Name of goods



Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice- Organic

5% Broken

* Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice 5% Broken

Broken: 5.0% max (basis ¾ grain)

Moisture: 14.5% max

Foreign matter: 0.1% max

Damaged kernels: 0.5% max

Yellow kernels: 1.0% max

Chalky kernels: 2.0% max

Red and red streaked kernels: 1.0% max

Glutinous rice: 1.0% max

Paddy grains: 1 grains/kg max

Average length: 6.6mm

Milling degree: well milled, double polished, sortexed

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