Open letter

Dear Customer,

Since our inception in 2018, we have accomplished a great deal in agriculture. DIEN LOC VIET ONE MEMBER COMPANY LIMITED (DLV) has become a leading supplier of rice on the basis of honoring Vietnamese and international brands.

With a team of experienced and highly specialized professionals, DLV is constantly striving to supply our customers with high-quality products that meet their needs, prompt and timely service, and, at the same time, affirm the company’s position and reputation.

As a unit specializing in supplying all kinds of rice, DLV is always ready to supply large quantities to meet the demand of customers. DLV applies microbiological development technology in the agriculture field to produce rice. We are dedicated to providing satisfaction to Vietnamese farmers and global customers.

Along with business promotion, DLV's activities are always associated with environmental protection and creating sustainable and responsible business development.

With the motto "taking customer satisfaction as a measure of business development", we commit to supplying customers with high-quality rice. We hope to receive cooperation from customers!

Best regards!

Rice products
  • Japonica Rice

    Japonica Rice

    Japonica rice has some characteristics such as being round, regular, smooth, white like cotton, having a delicate aroma, and being gentle.
  • OM18 Rice

    OM18 Rice

    The rice grain is 6.55mm long, the grain is clear, the belly is less chalky, and the white rice is soft and fragrant.
  • 504 Rice

    504 Rice

    504 rice grains in the form of gourds, with the characteristics of dry rice and foam pot, are suitable for making vermicelli, flour, and fried rice.
  • Vietnamese Dai Thom 8  (DT8)

    Vietnamese Dai Thom 8 (DT8)

    DT8 is a light, fragrant rice, newly grown and developed in Vietnam. DT8 rice is grown in many areas of the Mekong Delta.
  • ST25 rice Organic - Global GAP

    ST25 rice Organic - Global GAP

    ST25 rice grain has a white color, is transparent, and is long-shape. When cooked, it has a natural sweet taste, a pandan leaf aroma, is soft and sticky, etc.
  • Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic

    Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic

    A high-quality, fragrant rice, the kernel is big, long, and white; Jasmine rice is grown in the Mekong Delta; rice is flexible and has a light aroma; rice is still flexible when cooled;
  • Vietnamese White rice 5451

    Vietnamese White rice 5451

    Rice 5451 has the characteristics of elongated grain evenly and beautifully; the rice is milky in color, less charky, and has less breakage after milling.
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