• Japonica Rice

    Japonica Rice

    Japonica rice has some characteristics such as being round, regular, smooth, white like cotton, having a delicate aroma, and being gentle.
  • OM18 Rice

    OM18 Rice

    The rice grain is 6.55mm long, the grain is clear, the belly is less chalky, and the white rice is soft and fragrant.
  • 504 Rice

    504 Rice

    504 rice grains in the form of gourds, with the characteristics of dry rice and foam pot, are suitable for making vermicelli, flour, and fried rice.
  • Vietnamese Dai Thom 8  (DT8)

    Vietnamese Dai Thom 8 (DT8)

    DT8 is a light, fragrant rice, newly grown and developed in Vietnam. DT8 rice is grown in many areas of the Mekong Delta.
  • ST25 rice Organic - Global GAP

    ST25 rice Organic - Global GAP

    ST25 rice grain has a white color, is transparent, and is long-shape. When cooked, it has a natural sweet taste, a pandan leaf aroma, is soft and sticky, etc.
  • Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic

    Vietnamese Jasmine White Rice - Organic

    A high-quality, fragrant rice, the kernel is big, long, and white; Jasmine rice is grown in the Mekong Delta; rice is flexible and has a light aroma; rice is still flexible when cooled;
  • Vietnamese White rice 5451

    Vietnamese White rice 5451

    Rice 5451 has the characteristics of elongated grain evenly and beautifully; the rice is milky in color, less charky, and has less breakage after milling.
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